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Archive News

The Victorian Jazz Archive recognised for its important role in preserving and sharing Victoria’s history

The Hon Heidi Victoria MP - Minister for the Arts, Minister for Women’s Affairs,
Minister for Consumer Affairs presents the VJA with its Place of Deposit award–newroleforvictorianjazzarchive20130305.pdf

Christina Bell presenting the Archive with

Graeme Bell's "Moments Musical"

MAVIC's Belinda Ensor discussing Culture Victoria filming at the Archive

Annie Smith and the Bakery Boys entertain a group visit

17 years and growing

Sydney reeds player Paul Furniss recently paid us a visit

Laura Miles, MAVIC Executive Director, spent several hours discussing VJA's future plans

Parks Victoria's Philip Roth recently toured the Victorian Jazz Archive, likening it to the 'Tardis'

Michael McQuaid's Red Hot Rhythm Makers have the dance floor quaking at 774’s "Roaring Swing"

( The Victorian Jazz Archive provided banners and historic photos for this Melbourne International Jazz Festival event)


Enjoy listening to an hour's classic Australian Jazz.

Compiled by Dr Nick Ribush

 Australian Jazz: the Melbourne Sound; the first forty years

is a collection of jazz music and images from the late 1940's to 1984