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Australian Jazz Museum

Proactively Collecting, Archiving & Disseminating Australian Jazz

The premier Australian Jazz museum and home of the largest Australian Jazz collection

Open on Tuesdays and Fridays 10.00am - 3.00pm or by arrangement

Closed Victorian Public Holidays


Classics from the 78 rpm Shellac Collection

Compiled by Ken Simpson-Bull

Click on the label to listen

The Beachcombers recording - Melbourne January 1930 - featuring Benny Featherstone on trumpet and Dick Bentley on sax The Palais Royal Californians recording - Sydney circa July/August 1926 - The "Californians" were mainly all Australian The Cotton Pickers recording - New York 1925 - Red Nichols, trumpet; Miff Mole trombone; Frank Trumbauer C-melody sax; Ray Bauduc drums

Six Black Diamons recording - New York October 1925 Radio 2FC Studio Dance Orchestra recording - Sydney 1927 - The Eric Pearse band Joe Candullo recording - New York June 1926 - Includes Tommy Gott trumpet; Ray Bauduc drums 

Eva Taylor with Clarence Williams' Blue Five - New York May 1923 All Star Orchestra recoding - New York December 1927 - Miff Mole trombone; Tommy Gott trumpet; Fud Livingstoneclarinet; Joe Venuti violin; Joe Tarto bass; Chancy Morehouse drums Joe Watson and his Green Mill Orchestra recording - Melboure October 1929 - Joe Watson stayed in Australia after visiting from the USA with Ray Tellier

Bailey's Lucky Seven recording - New York October 1921 - A recording band was under the direction of Sam Lanin.  Jimmy Durante piano





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